How to Choose Your Next Wardrobe Design

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Each wardrobe design you encounter has a drop down menu called "view details" here you're going to find a super fast way to be able to pick a design in the appropriate size for your wardrobe opening You can also click and see the most standard colours available or contact us for more options.

The price for supply, including wardrobe installation is included for you. You can add this design to your shopping cart and continue on to choose more designs and accessories for each of your rooms and even your wardrobe doors to match.

You can alternately contact us if you don't find a design that suits, or you wish to make slight changes to a design you like. Once you're satisfied with your list of designs, you can instantly pay for your designs and installation right then and there.

Now don't worry because we will contact you to confirm your choice and your transaction is fully refundable at any stage before we finalise your designs with you and confirm an installation date with you

Now the important thing to realise when choosing a design you must be clear on the width, depth and door head height of your opening that you want our design to fit in

Wardrobe Choice is your one-stop shop for all your wardrobe needs.  We can give you organization, storage and space in your closet.  No matter what size space you need to organize we can help you.  Our quality products and experienced staff are the perfect combination for all your wardrobe needs.  But before you can enjoy the benefits offered by us, you have to choose the kind of wardrobe solutions that you need.

We offer a wide range of products to help you with any need that you have. Whether you want to add a few shelves to your closet or create a custom closet organization unit, we can help.  Our solutions are top-quality, installed by experts and guaranteed by us.  You may be surprised at just how much easier Wardrobe Choice can make your life.

Before determining the right products for you, decide on your goals for the space that you have.  Obviously your needs in a pantry will be different than your needs for clothing storage or workshop space.   Once you know where you need the wardrobe storage solutions, you want to decide how much space you have.  You can do this one of two ways.  You can either measure the space where you want to add shelving and organization products.  Or you can determine the amount of things you need to store (like if you have 50 pairs of shoes) and then have the wardrobe solution tailored to that. 

Once you know what you want to store or organize and how big you need the wardrobe product to be, you can talk to one of our experienced staff to help you determine the right solutions for you.  Or you can browse our website to see the solutions that we offer.  Either way, you have many choices that can offer you great flexibility with your needs.  All of our products are guaranteed and chosen because of their high quality.  That way we can always ensure that you get the best solution possible and give you the greatest Guarantee on the planet!

Choosing the right design of your wardrobe solution is only the beginning of the exciting journey.  Our experts will help you every step of the way, answering any questions that you have and helping you get the right choice for your wardrobe.